Bold Baladi

بلدي جريء

جريء (jari’)

  بلدي  (baladi)
My Country;
My Roots;
My Origins;

Honor Your Divine Feminine

Belly dance has a powerful effect on your body, mind and perspective.

Exercise never feels fun or sexy… unless you are a belly dancer! Belly Dancing is a low-impact traditional dance art form for all ages and body types. Belly dancing is ever-evolving with variations spanning across the globe and roots in diverse cultures. Belly dancing exercises, routines, and movements have been developed for women, by women, with vibrant cultural roots.

Belly dancing is natural to a woman’s skeletal design, core strength ability, and emotional expression. As you learn to belly dance, you activate muscles, your body becomes healthier, more balanced, grounded, and your confidence also grows.

“Don’t breathe to survive; dance and feel alive.”
― Shah Asad Rizvi

  1. Enhances cognitive function and inspires creativity
  2. Relieves female hormonal symptoms
  3. Reduces stress levels
  4. Develops core strength for total body health
  5. Expands joint flexibility and skeletal range of motion
  6. Relieves back pain and aligns posture
  7. Harmonizes muscular imbalances with low-impact movements
  8. Reveals your body’s natural hourglass shape
  9. Improves balance
  10. Changes self image and boosts confidence

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Why is belly dancing so important?

I fell in love with the egyptian people in 2013. Through an international student internship exchange program, I was tasked to spend 8 weeks in Cairo. I landed in the midst of political tension just two years following the Arab Spring. My chosen project was to partner with German University students documenting violence, harassment and sexual assault against women in the country,

I’ve spent most of my life training in traditional karate and close combat self defense.

I wore my first karate gi just before the age of seven. I received my first Isshin-ryū black belt at 13, and began teaching Isshin-ryū, Eskrima and Vee-Arnis-Jitsu at 15. By the age of 19 I received my Yo Dan: 4th Degree Black Belt. I have also trained with Masters in Tae Kwon Do, Shōtōkan, and Eskrima. I joined the Guided Chaos Adaptive Defense community 6 years ago, and hold a first degree black belt.

Belly Dancing is so strikingly similar to martial arts,
when I embraced both the warrior and the dancer, I became simultaneously more dangerous and graceful than my mentors imagined possible.

I hope to spread awareness and introduce more women to the ability to defend themselves.

1. Detect dangerous situations
2. Master high-stress response
3. Find the switch
4. Get out of the way
5. Get there first
6. Improvisation
7. Striking points and tools
8. Balance and agility

Self Defense for Women

Situational Awareness

How to Avoid Being an Easy Target

A criminal decides in just seven seconds if you will be their next victim.

Unpredictably Moving Target

How to Fight Larger Attackers

Your attacker is a sledge hammer. You can be the nail, or you can learn how to become a cloud – an unpredictable moving target.

Balance and Grounding Power

Discover your balance points

Mental clarity and hyper awareness for ultimate kinesthetic control. Your balance point can

Power comes from within.

I want every woman to find freedom in movement, and to have the knowledge and confidence to fight back against violence and assault.


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